With over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Ya-Ling J. Liou continues to share and develop her intuitive body care techniques.  Her signature defining style of practice has developed into a combination of typical chiropractic maneuvers mingled with some less typical and personalized manual therapeutic techniques. All of her work takes into account the whole person and aims not only to address the mechanical balance of the body but also the chemical and emotional aspects that so often influence this balance.

Growing up with exposure to generations of Eastern as well as Western attitudes towards health, provided Dr. Liou with a unique perspective on health care.  Formal education began first in the area of applied sciences in her home town of Montreal, Quebec before embarking on the 5000 + credit hour program at New York Chiropractic College (NYCC).  Shortly after her move to Seattle she began teaching at Seattle Massage School (Currently Everest College and formerly Ashmead College).  Finding ways to explain anatomy, physiology and kinesiology to massage therapy students in an accessible way, afforded her the opportunity to continue learning from the other side of the classroom. Subsequently she brought her multiple systems perspective to the Naturopathic Physical Medicine department at Bastyr University during which time she also participated in the preceptorship mentoring program offering her supervision and expertise to the student doctors of naturopathy.

Dr. Liou now lives, works and writes in Seattle where she looks forward to growing old doing her life’s work.

The information provided in this blog is in no way intended to and should not be used to substitute for individualized medical advice. 

Please consult a health care provider for the proper treatment of your pain.

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