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SupportAs this project nears completion this list will surely grow.  At the moment the people listed below are some of the kind folks who are keeping me on task and helping to make the wheels turn. I am grateful for all of their talents!  Thanks also go to my tirelessly reading and re-reading friends and family.

Sandy Johnson 

(Sandy Johnson Illustration and Design)

Lending me her uncanny ability to translate volumes of words into images that put a smile on my face every time

Nancy Wick

(Enlightened Edits)

Reining in the sentences; weeding tirelessly through my wasteland of missing and inappropriately used commas, semi-colons and and hyphens (or are they “dashes”?)

Sherri Damlo

(Damlo Edits – Medical and Scientific Editing)

Making sure I’m not spouting unfounded ideas and speedily nailing the facts to research references that would have me searching endlessly without her expertise.

Bookfly Design

Bookfly is to thank for my fantastic cover design.  Both James and Kira were very easy to work with. The process was very clear, very fair and the product speaks for itself!

Victoria Colotta

(VMC Art and Design)

I couldn’t have chosen a more thorough and detail oriented designer for the interior of this book.  It’s a complex project and Victoria has been extremely generous with her time, clear and kind with her communication.  I’m excited for the finished product – she’ll have this beast tamed before long both in e-book and print!

To fully appreciate these men and women’s fine skills:
Stay tuned for the print copy and complete e-book in February!
This blog is where you’ll see the work in progress – necessarily rough around the edges…


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