The Book


2017 Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book – Non Fiction

Medalist 2017 IPPY Awards

 Named Award-Winner in the “Health: General” category of the 2016 Best Book Awards


Named Finalist for IAN 2016 Book of the Year!finalist IAN Book of the Year

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I continue to invite you to become part of the process yourself as the next two volumes evolve, by signing up below.  You’ll be among the first to know when each book is complete. You may also be asked to review it or become a Beta Reader!  Feedback on Volume One will shape the subsequent volumes, so don’t be shy with your thoughts!

Use the contact form to share them with me.  I’d love to hear of you own experiences with everyday pain.


Volume One: Put Out the Fire!

Section 1     Why Does it Hurt?

Section 2     How Do I Make it Stop?

Section 3     How do I Keep it From Happening Again?

Volume Two: Fix the Fire Damage!

Look for it in 2018…!


Volume Three: Plan for Fire Prevention!

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4 thoughts on “The Book

  1. Robert Fay

    Is it, perhaps, better said: Be in the MOVEMENT of now. Instead of Be in the moment of now.

    Think on the MoVement of now, instead of the MoMent of now.

    [EveRbody’s] Guide To Everyday Pain

    {The above ‘Freudian slips’ in spelling (when taking notes) arrived specifically to support you with new directions of your thinking/inspirations when writing your coming new book.}

    1. DrLiou Post author

      Hello Robert! Now I know who to credit for this great phrase! Thanks for listening in this morning and I will definitely have that in mind “moving” forward (ha ha!). Cheers!

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